My Great White Fleet Class with SOU/OLLI

My Great White Fleet Class with SOU/OLLI

What a great group of people who have registered for my class!  We have one last meeting to get our White Fleet battleships home to Hampton Roads, Virginia where they will be stripped of their gold filigree and painted the ‘battleship grey’.

We were lucky to have a gentleman bring to class and display a stadimeter for all of us to see.  This was the instrument the officer of the day used to determine the distance between his ship and the one he was following.  During this cruise the distance needed to be 400 yards.

Several questions were asked.  One is yet to be answered and I have given it to the Library of Congress.  The class wanted to know how fresh water was obtained.  Google search gives much information on the subject dealing with modern ships but not ships sailing in 1908.  As yet we have not heard from the Library.  Anyone out there have any ideas?

One thought on “My Great White Fleet Class with SOU/OLLI

  1. That is an interesting question? I will be happy to know the answer too.
    I promised to send you a book title, a novel about the Fleet’s time in Santa Barbara.
    It is “A Murder at the Potter Hotel” by Annie J. Dahlgren and Neal P. Graffy.

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